We help match homeowners with the buyers and negotiate the best prices for their properties.


We are here to help you get matched with good landlords and tenants—the ultimate win-win solution.

Developers Services

Our dedicated team is one of the leading real estate agencies specialising in the marketing and sale of properties in Malaysia.

Investment Advisory Services

We offer an extensive range of real estate consultancy services

About EUM

Established in 2010, EUM is led by a young team of like-minded founders with a shared vision of providing top quality service that customers trust. As a result, it has established itself as a dynamic boutique real estate agency different from others. Having proven its capabilities of having met its sales target of RM70 million within a month, EUM has earned its trust o by establishing itself as the exclusive marketing agent for many property developers.

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Group Of Companies

EUM offers an impressive suite of professional real estate ancillary services ranging from meetings, Training, and Event to Renovation services.

Meet Our Founders

We aim to be an exceptional and respected company, and our brand image is one of innovation, trustworthiness, value and service.

Keny Lim
Founder, Managing Director

However, armed with a go-getter attitude, Keny faced the challenges head-on, and in a short span of five years, he decided to branch out on his own and set up their agency together with Peter.

Founder, Executive Director

Peter has about 15 years of real estate experience under his belt. An electrical engineer by training, he funnelled everything he learnt into creating a system that provides his team with a guided path to success.

Kai Chong
Co-Founder, CEO

Chong started as an agent in 2003 and has developed a passion for improving himself from early onset through training and learning courses.

Co-Founder, Director

Upon graduating from university, Weng Kit deep dived into the real estate sector as part of a property development firm’s sales and marketing team.

EUM is the most CreativeProperty Agency

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